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Greater Responsibility Demands Greater Efficiency. 

We are committed to practicing responsible chemistry in everything we do, and a big part of that is improving the efficiency of how we make products and reducing the associated waste. 

A graphic depicting Chemours 2030 waste goal and baseline.

While waste generation and disposal are unavoidable parts of our business, we are dedicated to ongoing waste reduction. Less waste means a smaller ecological footprint, less acreage used for landfills, and more set aside for nature. Chemours’ waste management approach looks at every step in our production—from research and process design to plant operations and emissions. At each phase, we seek opportunities to reduce or eliminate the generation of waste. Where it is feasible, we reuse or recycle materials, and resort to sending production and business waste matter to landfills only after all other options have been considered. As with our other Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) goals, we spent 2018 establishing our waste baselines, creating internal teams and management processes, and developing plans to take action to reduce our landfill waste footprint. For more information, please see our companion GRI Index, section 306.

A graphic depicting Chemours manufacturing waste to landfill data.