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Empowered Employees 

Nurturing the Best and Brightest among an Ethical, Diverse Workforce.

Meeting our commitment to responsible chemistry depends on an empowered workforce—one that stems from a variety of backgrounds and brings an abundance of different life experiences and knowledge to work.

Our success also depends on attracting the best and brightest in their fields to work in our high-performance and inclusive company. That combination of excellence and diversity is essential to reinforcing our strong track record of uncovering the innovative solutions society needs to support the UN SDGs. Our goal is for our global workforce to reflect the viewpoints and diversity of the communities where we operate.

A graphic of the Chemours Empowered Employees 2030 goals and baselines.

We are developing a long-term strategy to support employees of all backgrounds throughout their careers, establishing an inclusive employee culture that sees difference as a source of strength. We enforce our standards of conduct to ensure employees feel supported and safe in an innovative and inclusive environment. 

Ethical Leadership

Responsible chemistry depends on a firm foundation of ethical behavior. While every company faces challenges, we insist on approaching them with unshakable integrity. Each year, we train 100% of our employees on our Code of Conduct, which establishes the ethical expectations for all Chemours employees. Select employees receive additional training on compliance issues ranging from trade laws and political activities to inside trading, based on their areas of responsibility. Ethics are woven into the fabric of our company—so much so that we deputized a network of employees to nurture and champion our ethics culture. These ethics champions encourage, seed, and model ethical behavior, while providing a channel for other employees to raise concerns.

Inclusion and Diversity

We value difference, consider it a precious strength, and urge employees to bring their identity to work with them. We need an inclusive, diverse, gender-balanced workforce, and are working toward that every day. To strengthen our inclusion and diversity, we look to improve our organization at three key points in an employee’s time as part of our organization: talent acquisition, talent selection, and employee development/retention. In 2018, we began designing a systematic approach for each of these inflection points to form the base of future planning and programming.

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) are crucial to our inclusion and diversity strategy. ERGs encourage employee connectivity, foster professional development, and provide input and feedback to our Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC) program. Chemours has seven ERGs right now, and they cover a range of shared qualities. Nearly 10% of our employee base in 2018 participated in one of them. Each ERG sets annual goals to build and develop its membership, but they often go further by providing education to Chemours employees and the community at large.