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A New Kind of Chemistry Company

Delivering the essentials the world demands—responsibly.


Corporate Responsibility at Chemours

At Chemours, our purpose is to help create a colorful, capable, and cleaner world through the power of chemistry. That’s a charge that takes on new meaning as the world evolves and as the demands of its burgeoning population intensify.

Our world demands more than effective and advanced chemistries. It demands that we deliver essential technologies at a lower cost to our shared planet. More people need the benefits of transportation, communication, power, and electronics, and they need them to have greater efficiency and efficacy. With the help of our customers, we are meeting those demands—with new technologies, chemistries, and applications that are central to ushering in a battery of changes, including: the era of autonomous vehicles, the golden epoch of spaceflight, the fifth generation of wireless communications, the era of renewable energy, and the coming global effort to combat climate change.

The thousands of us at Chemours meet the world’s demands in partnership with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders all along the value chain, working with them to harness and extend our portfolio of innovative products. Together, we’re advancing responsible chemistry, and we’re building it into the way we do business and the way we grow. 

When we made a public pledge to bring responsible chemistry to life, we also pledged to hold ourselves accountable for our progress. Last year, we issued our first Corporate Responsibility Commitment report, which we invite you to read. In it, we announced our commitment to 10 bold goals to achieve by 2030. 

And since the moment we launched that commitment, we set out to do the planning needed to turn those commitments into action. Our Corporate Responsibility Commitment goals are not corporate window dressing. We are interweaving them with the way we do business and extending their reach to our partners and stakeholders all along our value chain. For a company that operates in 10 countries, employs over 7,000 people, and has close to 4,000 customers, that requires significant planning and alignment, which we achieved in 2018.

In our first report, we pledged to report on our progress each year—a promise we’re keeping with the release of our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Commitment report. In it, we dive deeper into our 10 goals, highlighting the benchmarks we set, the supportive infrastructure we built, and our vision for how we will achieve these goals. To learn more, we invite you to download our full report. We also hope you’ll contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions at [email protected].